Downloading file using Jersey

Very often, your application requires having a resource that allows users to download a file. This could be an endpoint where a user downloads some Report, their user data, or any other type of file.
To achieve this goal, you use StreamingOutput to copy the content of the file, and then add the stream to your Response object.

public Response download()
	String filename = "//someFolder/some-File.pdf"
	File file = new File(filename);
	final String newFileName = file.getName();
	StreamingOutput fileStream = output ->
			java.nio.file.Path path = Paths.get(filename);
			byte[] data = Files.readAllBytes(path);
		catch (Exception e)
			throw new WebApplicationException("File Not Found !!");
	return Response
			.ok(fileStream, MediaType.APPLICATION_OCTET_STREAM)
			.header("content-disposition", "attachment; filename = " + newFileName)

How to view Closed sprints in Jira

Once you close a sprint, it’s removed from the “Active Sprints” drop down in your Jira board. To see the issues that were resolved in a closed sprint, and to get analytics on how well the sprint went, you have to go to “Reports” and select the closed off sprint from there.

Clicking on the Reports link from your project takes you to a page with the list of reports that are available.

On that page, you will see a drop down with the list of sprints that were closed. Once you select one, you can see the issues that were resolved, or moved out from that sprint, along with a burnout chart showing how well the sprint performed.