Generating GUID in excel

Excel is a very useful tool when trying to manipulate data and seeing the results right away. Using the built-in functions, you can generate a GUID :

The following combination of functions generate a GUID:


Log levels in SLF4J, LOG4J and Java default logging

As a java developer, you are most likely using one of the following libraries to log messages:
or Default Java Logging

The following table depicts the log levels supported by each framework, ranked from highest to lowest.

SLF4JLOG4JJava Logging API

Formatting Column in Excel to show DateTime

Excel does not have a DateTime category by default for showing data. However, you can use the “Custom” option in format cell window to select the way you want to parse and show the data.

In order to format a column to show data in datetime format, select the column, From the HOME tab expand the Number Format dropdown (grouped under number) and click More Number Formats.

Then go to the Custom section (at the bottom of the list) and type your custom format as following:

dd-mm-yyyy hh:mm:ss.000

Your data will now be shown in DateTime format. For example 29-04-2014 10:05:42.187