Create beautiful GIF user guides

A picture is worth a 1000 words. Pictures are very useful in conveying a message to a diverse use base. You often see images in user manuals, explaining some of the more complicated tasks.

Animation and Videos are worth more than static images! Now instead of taking 10 screenshots to show a process, you can capture the screen and record the process. There are a heap of tools available in the market that allow you to record your screen. However, hosting videos are often complicated, and require plugins to view.

With ScreenToGif, you can record the screen and turn it into a high resolution Gif, allowing you to embed the animated pictures to your user guides.

ScreenToGif recorder screenshot


ScreenToGif is open source, and free to download.

Next time you find yourself looking for tools to download to capture your screen, try ScreenToGif and create pictures instead of videos!


Author: Dev

Full Stack Developer at one of the largest Banks in Canada.