Creating Keyword shortcuts for long URLS

One of the ways of saving websites you visit often is by bookmarking them. This makes it easier for you to visit all your favorite websites without memorizing their web addresses. However, since there are so many useful websites out there, our bookmarks tend to be filled with things we found to be interesting, but don’t visit that often. This makes the bookmarking feature not that useful for storing the websites you visit daily.

If sites or pages on a site that you visit often have a very difficult to remember address (I.e, you can create shortcuts so that instead of typing all of that, you can visit the same page by typing : asset-reports.

To do this, we leverage the ability to create custom search engine shortcuts in chrome:

  1. Right Click on Address Bar
  2. Click on “Edit Search Engines”
  3. Scroll to the “Other Search Engine” Section and click “Add”
  4. Give your shortcut a name, then the keyword you want to type (i.e asset-reports)
  5. Give the actual url that it should redirect to and click Add.
  6. Enjoy!

The following GIF shows the steps:

Author: Dev

Full Stack Developer at one of the largest Banks in Canada.