Getting 3 months free access to Plural Sight

PluralSight is a great resource to keep up to date with new technologies, or picking up new skills. Plural Sight offers courses ranging from Angular to Azure certification training. However, all of this comes with a steep yearly subscription cost. If you sign up for the trial, you can only watch a few hours of the lessons, not enough to make the decision to sign up for the membership.

If you are looking to try out plural sight, you can sign up for the Visual Studio Dev Essentials, and get free 3 MONTH access to the plural sight library, amongst other goodies.

There are three other educational resources that you can try out for a 3 month trial basis absolutely free through the site:

Opsgility: Online training and microsoft azure certification paths.

Linux Academy: Unlimited access to advanced online training and certification courses for 3 months.

WinintellectNOW: On-demand training for software developers: .NET, Xamarin, C#, JavaScript, Angular, Azure, and much more.

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